Preventive Care

Dentistry today is about not only treatment, but also the prevention of further disease. This is where our office truly shines. We believe in a conscientious program of routinely scheduled appointments for cleanings and examinations once a patient has successfully completed his/her treatment. Our prevention program includes: cleanings, oral cancer screening, digital radiography, laser cavity detection, placement of sealants for decay prevention, in office and at home fluoride treatments for children and adults, and treatment of periodontal (gum) disease.

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Comprehensive Care

A Clear Alternative

Severely damaged or compromised dentitions require careful diagnosis and treatment planning. If you have the need for extensive dental care, we can help you reach a level of dental health where long-lasting, comfortable, and attractive teeth can change your life.


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Family Dentistry

Dr. Barbaro treats the entire family. Adults will benefit from his comprehensive outlook. Teenagers will appreciate the time our hygienist spent on reinforcing life long brushing and flossing habits. Dr. Barbaro will keep an eye on third molar (wisdom teeth) eruption and refer any necessary surgery to the oral surgeon. Usually, we see children by the age of one year old and strive to make their first visit a positive one. We will be watching for early signs of decay, orthodontic needs and normal tooth eruption patterns for your child. The first relationship your child has with a dentist can leave a lasting impression. Our clinical staff always attends continuing education classes and is happy to share their knowledge of the new products and procedures that are constantly coming into the world of dentistry.

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