What advantages does CEREC offer me?

First and foremost, the restoration can be performed in a single session, usually in about one hour. With CEREC there's no need for us to make an impression and send it to a lab. We won't inconvenience you by asking you to return for a second visit. Secondly, the restoration is natural looking, because it is made of tooth-colored ceramic material. It's metal-free - no silver fillings to discolor your smile! The ceramic material is compatible with tissue in your mouth and is high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. It allows us to be extremely precise and save more of the healthy part of your tooth.



As a dentist who is very concerned about the quality of care I can provide my patients, I am always searching for new, more effective ways to solve dental problems and, at the same time, make patients more comfortable. My standards for optimum dental care are comfort, function, longevity, preservation of teeth, and esthetics.


I have watched the development of this new technique for many years now. The advanced technology of bonded ceramic restoration allows me to restore most of the tooth's original strength while preserving more tooth structure (natural enamel) than the crowns and amalgam fillings on which my profession has previously relied. These restorations are longer-lasting and more durable than the plastic bonded (white) fillings which most dentists, including myself, have been placing in our offices. In addition, since the filling material is ceramic, not mercury-based, the restoration itself is more visually consistent with natural teeth and may also relieve the concerns you may have about the use of mercury fillings.

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